Video: The Scourge of the Lionfish

Lionfish: Divers compete to spear them, fishermen catch them, and chefs are figuring out how to eat them.  The Lionfish’s growing presence may be damaging coral reefs, by over-predating on the fish living in and around the coral reefs.  Lionfish have populated the Caribbean and the Atlantic Coast – the world’s worst alien invasion.  Watch the video, ‘Saving the Ocean’.  >>>

The Invasive Lionfish: “Darwin’s Nightmare” – and the Robot

Lionfish, a beautiful exotic species from the Indo-Pacific region, began appearing in the Atlantic Ocean in the 1980s, possibly due to pet owners releasing them into waters. Since then the Lionfish have multiplied massively, eating smaller fish and out-competing fish like Grouper for food. Meanwhile they have no predators, giving them the moniker “Darwin’s Nightmare.” A group of people have developed a robot that will electrocute and collect the Lionfish.  >>> Article from PBS Newshour


Fish Urine Helps Coral Reefs

Fish urine contains phosphorous, which coral reefs need.  Fish also excrete ammonium through their gills which is an essential nutrient for coral reefs. So the decline of fish populations due to over-fishing can present a problem. >>> Article


Cuba’s Unspoiled Coral Reefs

Cuba has a secret: The country’s thousands of miles of coral reef ecosystems appear to be healthier than the other reefs found in Caribbean waters. In 2012, the Nature Conservancy and the Environmental Defense Fund completed a three-week expedition of Cuba’s Jardines de la Reina National Park. Despite some localized coral bleaching, the research team was awed by what they found—reefs intact, teeming with fish and marine life. Read more >>